When it comes to sweeping and mopping, there’s cleaning—and then there’s cleaning with Norwex. Our Mop System is one of our best sellers and it just keeps getting better.

Our new Rubber Broom Attachment is the latest in a lineup of effective, eco-friendly tools you’ll want to add your arsenal, stat. This ingenious attachment is the ultimate multi-tasker. The rubber broom side uses electrostatic action to remove dust, debris, fuzz and pet hair. Flip it over and the durable rubber squeegee dries floors, windows, mirrors and more.

Our Mop System also sports exciting new colorways. The Dry Superior Mop Pads and Wet Mop Pads get an instant update with graphite microfibre and yellow or teal trim. And our Telescopic Mop Handle is now available in a striking graphite/black combo.

Read on for seven more reasons you’ll want to replace bulky (and messy!) traditional mops and buckets with Norwex’s simple, sustainably-minded alternatives.

1. Our Mop System relies on mechanical versus chemical cleaning.
Wet or dry, you get an immaculate clean, free of toxins that can jeopardize your family’s health. It’s the magic of Norwex Microfibre—our Wet Mop Pad removes up to 99 percent of bacteria from a surface with water alone when following proper care and use instructions. In all, our pads tackle floors, walls, ceilings, windows and more. Offshoot benefits include:

  • You save money. There’s no need to purchase pricey cleansers.
  • You save time. Forget having to lug around that slew of products or making multiple passes over a single area to remove detergent residue.
  • You’re doing your part to save the planet. Reusable Mop Pads replace wasteful single-use disposables. Plus, they’re made of recycled microfibre yarn, saving plastic from entering our landfills and waterways.

2. Exclusive BacLock® technology self-cleanses.
Keeping your mop impeccably clean is essential. Our Wet Mop Pad and Window Cloth Mop Pad contain our BacLock microsilver antibacterial agent, scientifically proven to inhibit bacterial oduor, mold and mildew growth within the product.** That means you can launder less often—between washings, simply rinse in warm water and hang to dry. When wet, BacLock also self-cleanses within 24 hours, keeping your mop fresher longer.

3. With five types of Mop Pads, you have every surface covered.
Our mops can be used on just about every type of flooring: wood, linoleum, laminate, marble stone, vinyl and ceramic tile. Whatever your specific need, there’s a pad designed to tackle the job. An added plus: mop heads can be switched easily for optimal versatility.

  • Dry Superior Mop Pad. Made of statically charged, 82% recycled microfibre yarn, it attracts even the smallest particles of dirt, dust, crumbs and more.
  • Wet Mop Pad. Using 70% recycled microfibre yarn, this super absorbent pad makes wet cleaning a breeze. (Did you know that our exclusive microfibre absorbs up to seven times its weight in water?)
  • Tile Mop Pad. Nylon fibers are woven directly into the pad to effectively remove dirt, debris and more from tiled flooring.
  • Chenille Dry Mop Pad. Dirt, dust, pet hair and other large particles are no match for this pad. The extra-long nubby chenille microfibre is also tailormade for baseboards, walls and ceilings.
  • Window Cloth Mop Pad. Add this tightly woven microfibre pad to your arsenal for sparkling, shiny windows.

Keep pads clean with our multi-purpose Rubber Brush. This efficient multi-tasker also removes pet hair, lint, crumbs and dust from textiles, car seats, furniture and carpeted stairs.

4. Customize your clean with a myriad of features and options.
Select the system you need based on the size of your space. Our Superior Mop Starter System is designed for larger homes; the Mini, for smaller houses, apartments, RVs, trailers and dorm rooms. Both systems come with a Telescopic Mop Handle that adjusts to any height. Plus stylish new color combos suit every décor.

5. Chemical-free cleaning can be a game-changer for allergy sufferers.
Prevent dust, pet fur and other allergens from accumulating on floors with frequent mopping of high-traffic areas—kitchen, bathrooms, hallways and entryways. Plus, Norwex Microfibre provides an immaculate clean without increasing the body burden of toxic and harmful chemicals, some of which can further aggravate allergies.

6. Keeps floors looking their best.
Over time, abrasive cleaners and built-up debris can result in tiny scratches, especially on hardwoods. Microfibre’s extra-dense, super-fine fibers—measuring in at 1/200th the thickness of a human hair—pick up even the smallest andmost stubborn particles. And they’re super-absorbent to keep excess water from streaking or causing floors to swell.

7. Along with the right tools, you need the right technique.

  • Dry mop first to prepare floors for cleaning. Skipping this step can negate the hard work that follows.
  • Start at the back corner of the room and work backwards so you don’t walk directly onto an area you’ve already cleaned.
  • Always mop in the direction of the grain.
  • While you may not love mopping, you can make it more enjoyable. Create a playlist and listen to music. Catch up on a favourite show. Or make it into a workout. According to Good Housekeeping, mopping is among the top calorie-burning chores.† Aim to go 100 more steps, tighten up your core like you’re doing a sit-up and step into a full lunge each time you reach forward with your mop.

*BacLock is an antibacterial agent for self-cleansing purposes only. The agent is solely designed to inhibit bacterial odour, mold and mildew growth within the product.